Samsung QE65Q75AATX 65 Inch QLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV

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The Samsung QE65Q75AATX 65 Inch QLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV brings the cinema to your home thanks to the entire impressive technology and features built-in.

The Q75A features Quantum Processor 4K which is the intelligence at the back of the fantastic 4K picture and the adaptive sound this TV has to offer. You’re going to soon see just how adaptive an AI TV can be, from your whole old favourites to the new releases, this processor will automatically adjust the brightness and upscales the resolution of everything you are watching to deliver impressive 4K, even though it wasnt filmed that way. Plus, AI Sound will perfectly adapt to anything that is on your screen and in your surroundings. Simply turn your TV on, sit back and let QLED do the rest.

The adaptive picture will ensure the settings of your screen are at all times set to give you the best conceivable picture quality regardless of your surrounding conditions. Your new TV will adjust to your environment and automatically adapts brightness and contrast settings to give you a pristine 4K picture. Thanks to AI Sound You’re going to never miss a moment in your favourite movies, soaps or series. No matter where you place your TV in your house, You’re going to get sound that is tailored to your space. That same smart AI also automatically adjusts volume levels to the noise around you, so You’re going to never miss what your favourite characters are saying, even over the noise from the children or the vacuum.

Experience fantastic picture detail with vibrant colour in everything you watch just as the directors intended. HDR10+ fine-tunes every scene and brings out every delicate detail, even in those dark shadows and bright highlights. Youll after all see exactly whats lurking in the shadows of that terrifying scene and witness the true beauty within that sun-soaked beach.

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